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20:44 21 July 2019
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PSL won't go to elections with PO but as PSL-Polish Coalition

The Polish People’s Party (PSL) politicians will go to elections as the PSL-Polish Coalition. They say that there will be no more talks about starting with the Civic Platform (PO).

“We were convinced that Schetyna will also take the left on board. It turned out that he backed out, being afraid that he would be accused of reactivating the post-communism,” said Marek Sawicki from PSL. The party, however, pointed out that it is ready to talk regarding the start in the Senate elections.

Head of PO Grzegorz Schetyna said last week that the party will participate in the autumn parliamentary elections under Civic Coalition without PSL and a social-democratic party Democratic Left Alliance.

(Business Insider)


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