3:16 10 September 2021
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Record year for fund

Record year for fund, one of the most active investment funds in Central and Eastern Europe, has already completed more than half of the planned investments and still has approx. PLN 20 million of accumulated capital to invest. In August this year, it closed 22 of the 42 planned investments and plans to implement 8 more by the end of 2021., a fund with a capitalization of PLN 50 million, has just passed the halfway point of planned investments. What's more, with each subsequent year, increases the pace – in 2019 the fund made 5 investment decisions, in 2020 – 10, and only in three quarters of 2021, another 7 startups have already joined the company's portfolio. intends to close the year 2021 with 15 investments, which places the fund among the most active early-stage investment entities not only in Poland but throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

"2021 promises to be a record year for Only in the last 8 months, we have made 7 investment decisions – few funds can boast of such results and pace of action. By the end of 2022, we plan to invest more than PLN 20 million, placing in the first Phase PLN 1 million per entity," Szymon Janiak, co-founder and Managing Partner at Czysta3.VC said. invests mainly in companies at an early stage of development (the so-called seed capital). The common denominator of all startups in the fund's portfolio is software and the Internet as the main field of activity.'s investment portfolio is expanding rapidly – recently by the INKsearch startup. It is a booking engine for tattoo studios and a booking platform that connects artists, tattoo parlors, and clients. The company's founders were the first in Europe to introduce a virtual online consultation in this industry. Only in the first half of 2021, 800,000 people used the platform, and by the end of the year, it is planned to acquire up to 1.2 million new users. The remaining companies in which the fund has invested so far include, among others Applover, Auroria Diamonds, Cux, Da Vinci Studio, Rating Captain, STAFFLY, or Sunmetric. plans to close another four investments in September. 


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