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23:52 25 January 2021
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'Retail stores and shopping centers will be defrosted first': Ministry of Development

'Retail stores and shopping centers will be defrosted first': Ministry of Development
Olga Semeniuk, source: Newseria

If the government decides to ease some of the restrictions from February 1, retail stores and shopping centers will be able to resume work in the first place. The decision to ease or extend the restrictions is to be made this week and will depend, among others, on statistics on infections and deaths and the epidemiological situation across Europe, which is currently difficult. It is primarily awaited by entrepreneurs who all over the country decide to resume operations despite bans. Olga Semeniuk, Deputy Minister of Development, Labor and Technology, argues, however, that these are isolated cases and the scale of the phenomenon is small.

"We hope that February will be a month in which we will be able to slowly free mainly retail sales and shopping centers, and consequently also other economic areas. We are waiting for the decisions of the Government Crisis Management Team," Olga Semeniuk said.

After the winter break, on January 18, students from grades 1-3 of primary schools returned to schools under the strict sanitary regime, but all other restrictions that are currently in force - including the closing of shopping malls, hotels and gastronomy - the government extended until January 31. Most likely, this week a decision will be made whether they will be loosened at the beginning of February or extended by other weeks.

"We want the economy to be released as soon as possible. Various variants are taken into account - both point-defrosting of the economy, as well as comprehensive ones, at individual stages. Everything depends on the National Vaccine Program, as well as the epidemic situation in Europe," Deputy Minister of Development, Labor and Technology added.

Last week, the head of the Ministry of Health, Adam Niedzielski, was also asked about the possibility of easing the restrictions in force in Poland at the beginning of February, who indicated that there was a chance for this, but the key argument was the persistently high number of deaths.


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