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Safety and the protection of work in the warehouse

Safety and the protection of work in the warehouse

Safety in the warehouse is an essential issue for the management and the owners of the warehouses and the industrial halls. Every procedure connected with maintaining extreme caution must be obeyed in order to avoid the accident during the work. In addition, it is important to remember how crucial it is taking care of the working time, appropriate resources and the industrial infrastructure which aim to facilitate activities and increase productivity. Minimizing the risk of injuring during the work, adequate using and maintaining the machines, obeying the procedures can influence the efficiency of warehouse management activities.

Work safety regulations in halls

One of the basic aspects which should be taken into consideration into planning the duties in the distribution center is occupational safety and health. The employer is required to train the workers and to take care of their updating and raising knowledge. Every employee occupying a highly specified position must have the proper qualifications. A worker should wear appropriate clothes and shoes and professional accessories if the situation requires that for example helmet or gloves. The machines and the whole tools must be efficient, the software should be updated all the time, and the broken equipment must be repaired. In the case of working in the warehouse, appropriate marking the transport roads is very important which paths can not be a collision. Every mentioned procedure will not work properly in case of a lack of control of the human. 


The whole danger materials or tools which are completed in the halls have their special space to store and should be marked by the stickers warning by the danger. Visual identification should be also placed on the floor of the storage hall. This kind of good marking of dangerous materials can help safe conditions and avoid the injuries.

Fire safety 

Maintaining fire safety is essential in having the safety of the workers and the materials which are stored in the warehouse. The fight with the occurred fire can be so tragic because of the enormous space and before the fire will be extinguished it can occur a big loss for the company. The basic element of fire safety should be temporary controls the fire extinguishers and other necessary pieces of equipment for example hydrant with the fire hoses. 

The whole mentioned elements are vital to having the safety atmosphere precautionary measures in the workplace which is a warehouse. Do not forget that many factors depend on a human so the informing of the conscious behavior during the work in the halls is significant. The management has a duty to remind such statements to their workers. 

IntraLog Poland 2020

IntraLog Poland exhibition which will be held on 03-05 March 2020 will deliver a unique review of the latest achievements in the branch of the safety, warehousing technology, equipment, tools for packaging, loading technology, material handling, the whole systems of the transport materials and the software to intralogistics. 

Besides the most modern products, the visitors can also attend co-located events that offer practical answers for the challenge standing before the final users in the warehousing and freight industry. At the same time, it will take place 5th edition of Warsaw Pack – International Trade Fair Packaging and Packaging Techniques and FoodTech – International Food Technology Fair (organized by the Warsaw Ptak Expo). 

The organizer of IntraLog Poland invites all companies connected with the area of the safety in the warehouses to the presentation of the product range to the thousands of the industry visitors.

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