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22:50 20 May 2021
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Shell of Polish Wooden Houses estate in Łódź completed

Shell of Polish Wooden Houses estate in Łódź completed
Source: Polish Wooden Houses

In Łódź, at ul. Pszenna, an estate of 11 single-family terraced houses was built in the wooden frame technology. Building elements were created in the RISER factory in Jaworzno in the innovative Wood Core House system.

"A few months ago, we were driving the first spade on the construction site, and now we are hanging the panicle. This is a special moment for us, because we closed the shell of one of our first investments, at the same time confirming the advantages of wooden construction. Concrete buildings are erected in several months. We invest in our investment in We will deliver the shell to the shell much faster. Taking advantage of the opportunity offered by the topping out, I would like to thank all those involved in the project and wish the future residents all the best," Tomasz Szlązak, President of the Board of Polskie Domy Drewniane (eng. Polish Wooden Houses) said.

One of the buildings will be finished "turnkey".

"Tradition has been fulfilled – a symbolic topping out. It is a time of respite and mutual thanks. The implementation of the open shell in such a short time is the result of two components: team cooperation combined with the appropriate organization of the construction and application of the modular Wood Core House construction system. a number of advantages: starting from ecology and ending with a short construction time. We believe that the construction of this estate will inspire other developers. We are proceeding to the next stages of work so that, as now, they proceed according to the schedule," Piotr Góralczyk, President of the Management Board of RISER and RISER.domy, added.


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