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21:52 7 April 2021
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Słowne wants to publish books that long for people

Słowne wants to publish books that long for people
Source: Słowne

A new brand is launched on the Polish book market - Słowne (formerly Burda Books). The publishing house appears with three imprints, showing its ambitions in building a broad portfolio from the very beginning.

“From now on, all books published by us will bear a new name and logo,”  Maria Deskur, Managing Director of Słowne, said.

“We grow from strong foundations and the imprints that we have decided to propose with the new name are an expression of our well-established position. Słowne mroczne will be a brand aimed at lovers of crime fiction and sensation. We have been publishing a wide portfolio of titles for them for years. Słowne z uczuciem, in turn, is an imprint for admirers of man-made and romance novels. Słowne młode is a sign under which we will publish books for children and teenagers. We will also continue to publish books in collaboration with National Geographic,” she added.

The new brand on the Polish publishing market aims to increase sales of the titles published so far, establish cooperation with new authors and expand the portfolio of over 1,200 books, so far published under the Burda Books and National Geographic brands.

“Our task is to interact with Polish readers – people with various needs and preferences, who complete their home bookcases on the basis of many factors and look for answers to their questions. The books we publish are to be for the reader’s support, provide him with entertainment and enrich his knowledge. The audience will find amusing, dark, and exciting topics, but also those that are serious and encourage discussion. They all have one thing in common –  they are our verbal responses to the expectations of Polish readers,” Katarzyna Sendecka, publishing director of Słowne, announced.


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