11:27 1 June 2020
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The Online EFC New reality – new formula of the European Financial Congress – 15th-17th of June 2020

The last couple of months were especially challenging for all of us – banks, firms, employers and employees. In these difficult times, the discussion about the role of financial institutions is even more important than ever before. Taking into consideration the new reality that we all have found our

The Online EFC  New reality – new formula of the European Financial Congress – 15th-17th of June 2020

The Online EFC is a 3 day-long event, which will include virtual debates and talks, which will be transmitted live from our Warsaw studio, on the 15th and 17th of June. More than 60 leading experts from Poland and Europe will talk about the responsible finances in the face of the crisis, innovations in the process of rebuilding the economy and about the financial restructuring of firms and banks.

What the financial sector, as well as the real economy currently need the most, are practical solutions. Therefore, together with our partners we kindly invite you to join a series of talks about the new reality and its challenges. We will be talking about successfully overcoming the crisis, innovations in the post-covid time, the Anti-crisis Shield, credibility of the financial system, changes in the consumer behavior and about the latest technological innovations.

The participating experts include Valdis Dombrovskis (EC), Teresa Czerwińska (EBI), Paweł Borys (PFR), György Matolcsy (Magyar Nemzeti Bank), Jean Lemierre (BNP Paribas Group), Daniel Gros (CEPS) and Paul De Grauwe (LSE).

The Online EFC is a free and open initiative. For more details visit our website:


The 10th EFC will also meet in Sopot, on the 12th and 14th of October 2020. 

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