22:25 21 February 2021
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'The third wave of the pandemic is already in Poland': Minister of Health

'The third wave of the pandemic is already in Poland': Minister of Health
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Looking at the results, we can say that the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic is already in Poland; the question of what size it will reach in the near future – said Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski on Friday.

Niedzielski recalled that on Friday the ministry informed about 8,000 new confirmed infections. In turn, on Thursday this number has exceeded 9,000. However, as he noted, "here you have to compare these data not with the previous day, but with the same day in the previous week". 

"Comparing these results like this, we can see that the difference, the increase in these new infections reached 2,400," the head of the Ministry of Health indicated.

As he pointed out, the surplus has been growing for several days.

"As a result, looking at the last two weeks and comparing them, we see a very dynamic increase in new infections," he said. 

In his opinion, last week, the daily average was at the level of 5,300-5,500 new infections, and this week the average exceeded 6,500 per day, which, he said, means "a week-to-week increase of 23 percent."

"This means that we are dealing with a permanent upward trend, therefore the thesis that we are already dealing with the third wave is thoroughly confirmed in the numbers," Niedzielski noted.


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