Even if we try to implement the right solutions, from work organization to HR matters, we can never be sure if they are really working. It’s particularly difficult in large companies with a staff of 50 or 100 employees.  It’s simply true that employees are reluctant to share. An unpopular opinion or criticism – even the extremely valuable constructive kind – is not so easy to express. Employees refrain from talking about what bothers them because they fear it may ruin their chances for a bonus or a promotion. But the employer is not entirely at a loss here. That’s where exit interviews come in handy.

Many HR experts and managers say that employees are open to sharing their thoughts during exit interviews because they no longer have anything to lose. They no longer fear their boss’s reaction. That’s when they can give you the most valuable insights, which the employer could never discover through e.g. employee questionnaires.

It also signals to the employee leaving the company that their work and dedication have been noticed and their opinions matter. A company that regularly conducts exit interviews has a great employer branding tool at their disposal. Word of mouth can be very valuable when attracting new talent. Besides, given how dynamic the labor market is, it makes no sense to burn bridges – employees may one day choose to return with more experience and competencies.

agnieszka surowiec

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