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23:09 24 January 2021
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Two Horizons plans to obtain PLN 2.5 million as part of IPO

Two Horizons plans to obtain PLN 2.5 million as part of IPO
Source: Two Horizons

Simulator games producer, part of the group formed by NewConnect-listed The Dust company, Two Horizons is launching a public offering of shares, under which it plans to raise PLN 2.5 million. The funds obtained will be allocated to the implementation of currently produced simulators and the preparation of further pre-production. The company plans to debut on NewConnect at the turn of 2021/2022.

In line with the development strategy, Two Horizons produces simulator games. The company took over several games announced by The Dust, i.e. Car Thief, Hotel Renovator, Aquapark Renovator, Airport Renovator, and Exterminator Simulator. The funds obtained from the issue will allow the Company to implement the above titles and to prepare further announcements.

"Two Horizons, despite its short history, is distinguished by a rich portfolio of simulators produced. We are working on five games and further pre-productions. Thanks to the broadcast, we will finish the production of Hotel Renovatora, which includes Global Top Wishlist Steam and Car Thief. The other three already announced titles will soon enter At the same time, we are preparing new pre-productions, which we will successively publish on the Steam platform, in order to constantly look for new titles that will attract players' attention," Jakub Wolff, president of Two Horizons and president of The Dust, said.


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