18:25 9 July 2020
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Warsaw richer than Vienna and Budapest

Warsaw richer than Vienna and Budapest
Source: Pikrepo

Warsaw is 18th among EU regions in terms of GDP per capita calculated in purchasing power parity. These are the regions of the NUTS 2 classification, which assorts the so-called Warsaw capital region consisting of Warsaw and eight counties near Warsaw.

In total, the territory of this established for statistical purposes region is over 610,000 ha and has slightly more than 3 million inhabitants (of which nearly 1.8 million in Warsaw alone). GDP per capita calculated in purchasing power parity for this contractual capital region in 2018 was €47,900, which gave it 18th position on the list of all EU NUTS 2 regions.

And in this classification we are ahead of, among others, Vienna, Budapest, Salzburg, Helsinki and the entire Austrian Tyrol. This result also means a promotion from 20th position, which the Warsaw region held in 2017. Between 2017 and 2018, the Polish capital managed to overtake the aforementioned Salzburg and the Italian autonomous region of Bolzano.

However, Warsaw has still a big distance to "richest"regions. The 2018 list is headed by the Inner London West region (€190,000 in PPP GDP per person), followed by Luxembourg (€80,100 euros). The third position is occupied by the Southern region in Ireland (€69,200). Directly before Warsaw in the table you can find German Stuttgart and Darmstadt (€48,300 and €48,800 respectively), as well as the Dutch Utrecht (€48,900).

No other Polish NUTS 2 region was found in a similar place to the Warsaw region. PPP GDP per capita of another Polish region – Lower Silesia – amounted to €23,900, which is almost exactly half of the result from Warsaw+. Wielkopolska achieved a similar result (€23,500).


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