23:03 27 September 2021
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WGI indicators down for Poland threatening future country ratings

WGI indicators down for Poland threatening future country ratings
Source: Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

Poland recorded an increase in one indicator and a decrease in four indicators in the Worldwide Governance Indicators (WGI) calculation for 2020 by the World Bank. The assessment of one of the criteria remained unchanged. WGIs play an important role in the rating methodologies of Moody's and Fitch. They are on a percentile scale.

Poland recorded an increase from 65.87 to 69.23 in the Rule of Law sub-index. In Control of Corruption, the value of the indicator did not change (73.08). In Voice & Accountability (citizens' ability to participate in elections, freedom of expression, etc.), there was a drop from 69.08 to 66.67. The Political Stability / No Violence rating (the probability of political instability and/or politically motivated violence, including terrorism) decreased for Poland from 65.09 to 63.21. There was a significant deterioration in Government Effectiveness (quality of public services, quality of the civil service, and its independence from political pressure), as the sub-index fell from 72.12 to 66.35. Finally, Regulatory Quality (the government's ability to formulate and implement legislation that enables action and promotes private sector development) has seen a decline from 81.25 to 76.44.

All sub-indices are at a much lower level than in 2015 – in several cases, the difference amounts to several percentage points.


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