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0:19 15 September 2021
Post by: WBJ shares successfully debuted on the NewConnect market shares successfully debuted on the NewConnect market

The shares of, a technology company offering an application that acts as an intelligent B2B sales assistant, successfully debuted on the NewConnect market. The share price at the opening of quotations was PLN 15.40 and was 28 percent higher than the reference price. After 15 minutes from the start of the quotation of the shares, the price was PLN 14.70, which means an increase of nearly 23 percent. In June this year, the shareholders' public offering for the sale of the company's shares with a total value of PLN 11 million was completed.

"We are very pleased to join the group of public companies. The first quotations are very successful for us. We are pleased with the increase in the value of our shares. It shows that after the successful offer of shares, the interest in our shares is still very high, and investors positively assess our business and development prospects I believe that's shares will bring satisfactory returns for investors in the long term," Mateusz Tarczyński,'s CEO, said. offers software in the SaaS model that facilitates acquiring new customers and maintaining relationships by automating time-consuming processes related to business communication. The tool is used, among others in the process of active sales, acquiring business partners, and recruiting employees.

"The debut on the NewConnect market is an extremely important moment in the history of our company. A huge thank you to the entire team, who contributed to the successful growth of our business with their commitment and hard work every day, as well as to all advisors who supported us in this. I would also like to thank all our clients for their trust, thanks to whom has been constantly developing for years," Mateusz Tarczyński added.


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