22:41 14 October 2020
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More than half of Poles negatively assess situation in country

More than half of Poles negatively assess situation in country
Source: Pxhere

As much as 51 percent Poles have a bad opinion of the course of events in the country. 28 percent is of the opposite opinion. 21 percent is unable to judge the direction of the course of events, according to a Kantar survey conducted in early October.

Compared to the results obtained in September, there have been changes. The percentage of people who positively assess the direction of changes decreased by 4 percentage points. The percentage of those who assessed it negatively increased by 3 percentage points. 

In turn, 61 percent of Kantar survey participants believe that the economy in Poland is in crisis(as many as 17 percent believe the crisis is deep). The respondents with a positive attitude to the condition of the Polish economy constitute 29 percent. About 10 percent of the respondents do not have a specific opinion on this topic.

Over one third of respondents (35 percent) forecast that the material living conditions in Poland will not change in the next three years. 20 percent of respondents indicated the improvement of conditions, while 38 percent of respondents believe that the conditions will deteriorate (including 10 percent who think it will be much worse).



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