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11:00 13 July 2020
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It is not certain who was elected new president of Poland

It is not certain who was elected new president of Poland

Andrzej Duda won 51.21 percent of the votes, and Rafał Trzaskowski 48.79 percent of the votes, the National Electoral Commission (PKW) submitted. This data comes from unofficial, partial results of presidential elections from over 99 percent of the ballots.

"Nine ballots' data have still not flowed, so the official result of the election cannot be announced," said its chairman Sylwester Marciniak.

According to Ipsos, the estimated turnout in the elections was 68.9 percent. The highest was in the province Mazowieckie (74.3 percent), and the lowest in Opolskie (62.9 percent).

The head of the PKW said final official results would be announced later, but with Duda leading by nearly half a million votes his lead looks to be unassailable. However, the close margins may prompt complaints from the opposition over voting irregularities and a skewed playing field.

The head of PKW Sylwester Marciniak announced that the number of people entitled to vote is 29,937,795, including 519,431 voters voting abroad. Compared to the first round of voting, 150,000 more people applied to vote abroad. 

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