Female supertasters!

(Mis)conceptions about men's versus women's taste in wine.

Let's accept once and for all that when buying wine for women, semi-dry or semi-sweet pleasant and mild wines are neither required nor necessary.

Working 21 years with Polish wine consumers and customers allows me to state unequivocally that there is no such thing as "woman's wine"!

Several universities have discovered that women, on average, have 43% more cells in their brains' olfactory bulbs than men. When counting neurons specifically, the difference reached almost 50% in favor of women. Also, Charles Wysocki, Ph.D., revealed that with six to ten repeated exposures, women (of reproductive age), not men, could increase their sensitivity to an odor by 1,000 to 10,000 times. Research at Yale University Linda Bartoshuk Ph.D. has shown that about 35% of women but only 15% of men are supertasters. Supertasters have up to four times as many tastebuds as non-tasters. Women have the same diverse palate and tastes as men when it comes to wine. Customers of the Dobrewina.pl chain buy dry wines in about 95% of their purchases - for themselves, their relatives, or their clients.

So my impression is quite the opposite: it is men who are more willing to buy and drink milder wines with more or less sweetness!

The oaked Pavillon des Trois Arches Chardonnay from Languedoc is strongly recommended as an accompaniment to Polish Easter food. It will go well with Żurek with white sausage, cold-cut meats, poultry, pâté, traditional vegetable salads, etc. 

The aromas which can be associated with this chardonnay, are: pear, apricot, melon, cream, butter, vanilla and oak – with hints of Earl Grey, orange peel, fig preserves, honey, toast and toffee.

Peter Pulawski 

A visionary wine merchant and negociant, Pulawski has built a chain of stationary and online specialty wine shops in Poland under the dobrewina.pl brand. He has made his mark on the dynamically growing Polish market by leveraging market data and consumer preferences in combination with meticulous product selection and inventive marketing communication. Since 2022, dobrewina.pl has also offered sommelier workshops and wine education in the company's refurbished 100-year old horse stable or at any chosen location.

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