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19:15 9 July 2020
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Moving away from upset labor market in region

Moving away from upset labor market in region
Piotr Lewandowski, source: Newseria

“We're late already. We have a dozen or so years left to conduct a comprehensive transformation of Silesia. Each subsequent year of delay means that the challenges will be greater and the pace of change faster,” Piotr Lewandowski, president of the Institute for Structural Research warned. 

He emphasized that the decarbonization of Silesia is inevitable, but it must be carried out in accordance with a good plan, because it will cause profound transformations on the labor market. Miners themselves see opportunities for future employment in transport, motorization, but also in renewable energy.

“A more planned approach to the transformation of Silesia is needed than it was in the past. At that time, the mines were shut down abruptly when they could not be saved or continued operation. People were losing their jobs, there were violent movements to offer them something in return. If we have a strategy of moving away from coal gradually, then it will be possible to plan programs and train people for another job, offer them something else. This long-term approach is now the most important, Lewandowski emphasized. 


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