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22:49 21 April 2022
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Poles do not boycott retail chains as announced

Poles do not boycott retail chains as announced
Source: MondayNews

Observation of the behavior of nearly 500,000 of consumers in almost 2,000 branches shows that Poles did not boycott the retail chains remaining in the Russian market, as they had announced after February 24 this year. According to the analysis of and UCE RESEARCH, traffic in Auchan stores increased even more than in other hypermarkets. Although it lost a small number of unique customers, it still outperformed the competition. On the other hand, in the segment of DIY stores, the Leroy Merlin chain performed much worse, recording a decline in the above-mentioned indicators. In turn, in Decathlon outlets the traffic increased, while in other sports and tourist stores it decreased.

"Consumers want to be politically correct, especially on social media. However, in practice, they cannot afford to give up shopping in stores that sometimes have better prices than discount stores, especially in times of rising inflation. Many people would like to be able to afford the luxury of compassion, but there is simply no such possibility, all the more so as a longer journey to an outlet from another commercial network is also sometimes more expensive due to the rising fuel price," Dr. Maria Andrzej Faliński, vice president of the Economic Dialogue Forum Association, said.


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