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21:41 11 August 2020
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63% of Poles want development of bicycle infrastructure

63% of Poles want development of bicycle infrastructure
Source: Pikrepo

Nearly two thirds of Poles (63% of respondents) believe that it is necessary to expand the bicycle infrastructure in order to improve the safety of users. Every fifth respondent admits that he rides more than a year ago, and 41 percent choose a two-wheeler instead of other means of transport, according to the "Bicycle Revolution" report prepared by the Polish Bicycle Association (PSR).

Among the factors lowering the level of road safety, half of the respondents indicated the lack of bicycle paths, and 30 percent of the respondents – their bad design.  In the report, the worst scores were the lighting of the paths (34 percent of negative ratings), the length of the routes (32 percent of negative ratings), and barriers to driving (31 percent of negative ratings). In turn, 40 percent positively assessed the marking of bicycle paths.

"40% of respondents believe that there are not enough bicycle lanes, but when we look at the roads that have been built in recent years, you can see that the situation is changing for the better. A uniform system of building bicycle paths has been developed, all surfaces are equal, a special substrate, poured asphalt – it is already done as in the more developed countries," Krzysztof Dylewski, the president of the Polish Cycling Association, said.

As he informed, there are 14,000 km of bike paths. Most of them are in Mazowsze and Wielkopolska, and the least in Świętokrzyskie and in the Opole region. For comparison, the Netherlands, 8 times smaller than Poland, has 35,000 km of bicycle paths and 64,000 km of other roads for cyclists.


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