19:25 27 December 2021
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Already over PLN 200 mln fines for Poland corresponding to the Turów mine

Already over PLN 200 mln fines for Poland corresponding to the Turów mine
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Over PLN 200 million – this is the penalty for failure to comply with the ruling of the Court of Justice of the EU regarding the PGE Turów mine.

On September 20, the CJEU announced that Poland would pay €0.5 million euro for each subsequent day until it complies with the CJEU decision in May when the Court obliged Poland to immediately stop mining lignite in the Turów mine.

Negotiations with the Czech government regarding the mine have been going on since June. They were interrupted on September 30, resumed in November, but stopped again in November due to elections in the Czech Republic. At present, proceedings are pending before the CJEU in connection with a complaint against Poland submitted by the Czech Republic regarding the extension of the concession for works at the Turów mine.

“The government continues to downplay the penalties that have been imposed on Poland. It wools over the eyes of taxpayers, claiming that Poland may not pay them. Meanwhile, the financial consequences will affect us all," Maria Wittels from the Foundation Development YES - Open-pit Mines NO, commented.

“The Turów complex is a real disaster for the PiS government. The planned and already incurred fines and charges for the production of energy from coal from Turów make it the most expensive in Poland,” Radosław Gawlik, president of the EKO-UNIA Association, emphasized.


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