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19:12 6 August 2020
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As much as 44% fewer visas for Ukrainians in H1 2020

As much as 44% fewer visas for Ukrainians in H1 2020
Source: Wikipedia

From January to June this year over 270,000 visas were awarded to Ukrainians wishing to work in Poland. A year ago, at the same time, this number was almost twice as high, according to data from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, quoted by the Ukrainian National News Agency. Such a decrease is a consequence of the coronavirus epidemic and difficulties in border traffic and the work of offices. However, Personnel Service experts indicate that fewer issued visas does not mean that Poland has half as many staff members from the East. The provisions of the anti-crisis shield on the extension of the right of residence for the entire duration of the epidemic and 30 days after its end means that a large part of Ukrainians simply did not leave Poland.

“The coronavirus has significantly reduced border traffic between Poland and Ukraine. On the one hand, new employees did not come in so large numbers, but on the other hand, those who were already in our country had the opportunity to extend their stay,” Krzysztof Inglot, President of the Management Board of Personnel Service emphasized.

Many Polish employers had a problem with staffing gaps, because despite the crisis and growing unemployment, there are sectors and activities that Poles do not want to undertake.

“A good example can be the entire food and processing industry, and retail production. After several months of the downtime, consumption has returned currently  to its pre-pandemic state, which means that factories must start at full speed. And here we need Ukrainians who, fortunately, use the provisions of the anti-crisis shield and extend their stay in Poland. There is also an influx of new employees from the East, who are ready to undergo a two-week quarantine in order to work in our country,” Krzysztof Inglot added.


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