22:42 13 April 2021
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Berlin Brands Group raises $240 million in funding to pave way for U.S. brands

Berlin Brands Group raises $240 million in funding to pave way for U.S. brands
Peter Chaljawski, source: BBG

Berlin Brands Group (BBG), one of the leading global e-commerce companies and pioneers in the direct-to-consumer (D2C) business, announced  $240 million in new funding to support the acceleration of global acquisitions of e-commerce brands. The funding round comes as a syndicated debt financing with no equity involved. This initial investment is intended to further support the acquisition of online retail brands and integration with BBG’s global scaling platform. Brands originating from the U.S. market and generating a revenue of $1-100 million, mostly on Amazon, are of special interest. While BBG acts as a globally-leading seller on Amazon, the company has built its infrastructure to access markets with lower Amazon market share, including many parts of Europe and Asia. The acquired brands will get access to a global market through BBG’s global scaling platform that is connected to over 100 channels in 28 markets.

“What we are currently seeing in global e-commerce is a real ‘game of brands’. It's not about who can collect the most brands under their roof, but who can scale those brands the fastest and most effectively. The next Unilever, Procter & Gamble, or Whirlpool won't be a classic house of brands, but rather a launchpad that gives brands the push and guidance they need to expand and grow,” Peter Chaljawski, CEO of BBG, said. 

“Our offering to U.S. e-commerce brands is unparalleled when it comes to accessing new markets. The global e-commerce market is fragmented. For example, Amazon has a market share of about 10% in Europe. In countries like France or Poland, many other platforms dominate the landscape, which brands need to tap into to be successful. We offer access to a wide range of countries and channels, as well as a strong operational infrastructure to scale brands that we acquire,” Henrik Haenecke, CFO of BBG., added.


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