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17:59 18 November 2019
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Bogdan Zdrojewski: retirement age to be raised

Bogdan Zdrojewski: retirement age to be raised
source: Wikipedia

Bogdan Zdrojewski, senator of the Civic Platform (PO), believes that the retirement age in Poland should be increased. In his opinion, the current system condemns millions of Poles to hunger pensions, as he noted in an interview for the weekly Wprost. Zdrojewski didn’t agree that the increase in retirement age was a decision by which the PO lost the election.

In response to these words, PO spokesman Jan Grabiec said that Zdrojewski's statement “is not a position of PO and is contrary to its program". 

“The Civic Platform has repeatedly stressed that it is against raising the retirement age and maintains this position,” the politician wrote. 

(Business Insider)

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