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22:41 18 October 2020
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Closure of sports facilities incomprehensible, small businesses to suffer most

Closure of sports facilities incomprehensible, small businesses to suffer most
Source: Pikrepo

Operator of the MultiSport sports card system and the owner of the largest number of fitness clubs in Poland, Benefit Systems, believes that the government's decision to close sports and recreational facilities is incomprehensible and seems not fully thought out. In the message, the company predicts that the ban on activity may hit small businesses the hardest.

As announced by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, from Saturday, due to the increase in the number of coronavirus infections, the activities of, among others, swimming pools and gyms, will be suspended.

Benefit Systems, which manages 159 facilities, including Zdrofit and Fabryka Formy brands, argues that under the sanitary regime and with the restrictions applicable so far in the yellow and red zones, sports and recreation facilities did not pose an increased epidemiological risk.

"Paradoxically, they are safer than many other public places where disinfection or social distancing cannot be managed as effectively as, for example, in a fitness club," Benefit Systems stated.

"This is confirmed by both Polish experts and studies conducted, among others, in Norway, Great Britain and the USA, which show that the risk of coronavirus transmission in places such as fitness clubs is close to zero," the release reads..

In the commentary, Benefit Systems argues that physical activity is one of the basic ways of building the body's immunity.


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