17:50 21 June 2022
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For almost half of Poles surveyed, EU defense policy is a priority

For almost half of Poles surveyed, EU defense policy is a priority
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Russia's war against Ukraine has strengthened public support for the European Union, according to the European Parliament's spring Eurobarometer survey. Almost two-thirds (65 percent) of Europeans view EU membership positively. This is the highest result since 2007, when the figure was 58 percent. EU membership is perceived positively by a relative majority of citizens in all Member States, except in Greece and Slovakia, where more respondents see it as 'neither good nor bad'. Compared to the previous survey conducted in the last quarter of 2021, the results are significantly higher in Lithuania (+20pp), Malta (+12pp), and Estonia (+9pp).

52 percent of Europeans have a favorable view of the EU, as opposed to 12 percent negative responses. This result represents an increase of 3pp for the positive image of the EU from November-December 2021 and is also the best result among EP surveys since 2007. National results for a positive image of the EU range from 76 percent in Ireland to 32 percent in Greece. In Poland, support for membership is as high as 72%, which is a 4pp increase compared to the 2021 survey. It is worth noting that the positive image of the EU is higher in Poland than the EU average by 7pp (EU: 65 percent).

"With war returning to our continent, Europeans feel more confident about being part of the European Union. European citizens are deeply attached to freedom, are ready to defend our values, and are increasingly aware that democracy can no longer be taken for granted," Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament, said. 

Recent events have also shaped Europeans' assessment of other significant actors on the international stage. Russia is viewed positively by only 10% of respondents compared to 30% in 2018 when the questions were last asked. In contrast, Europeans favor the UK (65 percent, +1pp) and the US (58 percent, +13pp).


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