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22:32 14 June 2021
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Google reveals summer trends among Poles

Google reveals summer trends among Poles
Source: Photo by Justin Aikin on Unsplash

Holidays abroad are becoming more real thanks to a growing number of vaccinations, a loosening of restrictions, and international travel arrangements. It can be seen in trends in the Google search engine.

In the Polish version of the website, the number of searches related to tourism has increased by 32 percent in the last four weeks. on a month-to-month basis. Data from May 2021 resemble those from before the pandemic: currently, 69 percent of searches concern places in Poland and 31 percent abroad. In 2019, it was 60 and 40 percent, respectively. Coronavirus and related restrictions meant that a year ago vacation places in Poland accounted for 84 percent of searches. This year, Italy, Croatia, Greece, and Spain are leading the number of searches. Right behind them are Turkey, Egypt, the Dominican Republic, and the Maldives. The popularity of the Dominican Republic has increased significantly because in 2019 and 2020 it was in the third ten searches.

In 2020, Google was dominated by places close to nature, such as Tatra National Park, Białowieża Forest, Poleski National Park, Turbacz or the Błędowska Desert. This year, people are no longer afraid of contact with others and are looking for attractions such as the Energylandia amusement park, Wrocław ZOO, Czocha Castle, or seaside resorts.

Nature-related slogans have lost their popularity. Travel to other countries is not as difficult as last year, which is why Poles search for information about air connections. The searches of the last weeks focused on such terms as flights to Croatia, Madeira flights, flights to the USA, Malta flights. 


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