14:36 16 September 2020
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How France is battling the crisis?

Top diplomats in Warsaw told the WBJ in August 2020, how their countries are battling the crisis. One of them was Frédéric Billet, French Ambassador

How France is battling the crisis?

How has your country been fighting the crisis?

As a complement to the system of state-guaranteed loans (“Prêt Garanti par l’État,” or PGE) in the amount of €300bn, a system of repayable advances and loans was created for the preferences of financial support for enterprises affected by the Covid-19 crisis. Many measures were also planned to ease the burden on enterprises, including deferred payment of social and tax contributions and lowering budgetary expenditure. Also, the government has created a €7bn solidarity fund to provide tax-free aid to small businesses, deposits for self-employed workers, micro-entrepreneurs and newcomers.

What measures should be adopted to make sure that trade continues between economies?

Given the strong integration of economies in the global value chain, a slowdown rather than a complete cessation of trade can be expected. Its evolution will depend first on the speed of the reconstruction of the economies of individual countries and the effectiveness of the implemented support systems. The main factor that could harm international trade would be a new wave of infections that could lead to new restrictions and quarantines. As a consequence, they would entail further production interruptions and disruptions in the value chain.

How safe is your country for travelers?

No travel restrictions to mainland France from Europe or EU-approved countries. From other countries, you may be required to show a negative test before travel and quarantine. There are specific rules for overseas territories. Wearing masks is compulsory in closed public places, public transport, taxis, restaurants and bars. It’s obligatory for employees and customers when moving. A government official (“préfet”) for a region may adjust these recommendations locally. A distance of 1m must be maintained under all circumstances. Meetings of more than 10 people in public places and events for more than 5,000 are prohibited. Nightclubs remain closed until at least September 1.

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