15:00 4 November 2020
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How to join the group of conscious future leaders of family businesses? Recruitment at the Successor's Academy starts now!

Recruitment for the fourth edition of the managerial program Successor's Academy organized by the Family Business Institute has just started. The program is dedicated to successors who would like to expand their competences and knowledge. The formula of the program is unique – most of the reunions take place in well-known and large family companies under the supervision of Mentor – the owner or President of a given company. "On the Polish market there is still lack of managerial programs addressed to young successors from family businesses. Programs that, in addition to strictly business-related competencies, would take into account the dynamics of the business run by the family. That is why we decided to create the Successor Academy – a managerial program in which successors learn from the best entrepreneurs and their family businesses,” points out dr. Adrianna Lewandowska, the Head of the program and President of the Family Business Institute.

How to join the group of conscious future leaders of family businesses? Recruitment at the Successor's Academy starts now!

The prestigious program for successors from all over Poland involves attractive forms of meetings. Mentors – family entrepreneurs with a long tradition and business practice, with unique knowledge about running a family business – are part of the program. In previous editions, the participants could learn from, among others, Adam Mokrysz (Mokate), Henryk Orfinger (Dr Irena Eris) or Marcin Ochnik (Ochnik).  The two-day meetings will be held in Mentor’s company – participants will visit it together, participate in Mentor's lecture, and then move on to the theme of the challenge given by the Mentor and the workshop led by an expert.

The idea of the meetings is original and unique. In addition to the challenge given by Mentor, the practical part and the workshop, participants have the opportunity to discuss topics related to the role of the successor as a future leader in business, family and society. These topics include the strength of family governance, succession processes, conflict management, generational differences and roles in family business, as well as building a family business brand.  The organizers did not forget about global trends affecting the economic reality. There will be workshops dedicated to service design, innovation management or international management.

"I meet with family businesses every day and talk to them about everyday challenges and directions of development. I see the commitment and passion of the young leaders, their determination, willingness to develop and the enormous effort they put into the development of their parent companies. I see their great hunger for knowledge and willingness to learn, their constant pursuit of being the best," underlines dr. Adrianna Lewandowska.

The organizers emphasize the fact that it is a great value to meet with friends, acquaintances and those who have a similar succession situation. The program enables them to meet with simultaneous exchange of knowledge and experience. Experts and business practitioners are chosen with great care to inspire the young generation of entrepreneurs to take up challenges connected with running a business. Besides, the program is designed also to support the personal development of each participant – the successors have three couch sessions and they work individually on their main talents.

The Successor Academy management program aims to create opportunities for the exchange of experience and to create community of successors from family businesses.  "We know that one of the unique values that graduates bring from this program is not only knowledge and practice, but also the relationships with other successors, as well as the mentors or experts," says dr. Adrianna Lewandowska.

The fourth edition of the Successors Academy starts in January 2021. The whole program lasts for nine months – and it is a combination of the workshops, sessions, Mentor’s meetings and individual work. Most of the meetings and workshops is planned as stationary sessions, some of them would be held online and as individual work. Each edition brings an amazing value to the participants but also gives a great feedback to the organizers, who are adapting the structure to the needs of the young generation of business leaders. 

The Family Business Institute is a Knowledge Center for Family Businesses in Poland and abroad. The leading mission of the Institute's activities is to professionalize Polish family businesses by advising on the succession process, intergenerational strategies and the Constitution of Family Businesses, spreading knowledge, good practices, conducting and publishing the results of scientific research and exchanging domestic and foreign experiences. Each year the Institute organizes a series of events dedicated to family businesses, which are always a unique platform for the exchange of experience and an opportunity to establish invaluable business relationships.



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