16:00 18 November 2020
Post by: WBJ

Intrum starts using the Ultima Ratio services

International debt trading and collection company, Intrum,  is starting to use Ultima Ratio e-arbitration. From now on, it will offer indebted persons to conclude an arbitration clause in settlements regarding the repayment of overdue obligations. As the company's representatives emphasize, for them, Ultima Ratio is a guarantee of efficient collection of amounts resulting from settlements, while reducing the costs of debt collection. Thanks to the cooperation with Intrum, the founders of Ultima Ratio count on a significant increase in the number of settled cases.

Intrum is another international player who has decided to use the Ultima Ratio services. A global brand with over 120 years of history specializes in debt management and debt collection, providing services to over 80,000 clients in 24 European countries. From now on, Intrum will propose to debtors whose receivables it will manage to conclude an arbitration clause in the settlements. Importantly, in the case of the so-called consumer debts, with a view to minimizing the costs of their collection, ultimately borne by consumers, Ultima Ratio, in accordance with the findings, it will only examine disputes in which the creditor has previously filed a claim in the EPU (Electronic Procedure for Payments) and these proceedings have been discontinued, e.g. due to the debtor having lodged an objection.

Almost half of the Polish companies believe that due to the recession in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the risk of late payments or non-payment by debtors of their companies will increase within twelve months.


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