23:57 5 August 2021
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Mark Brzezinski is the new US ambassador to Poland

Mark Brzezinski is the new US ambassador to Poland
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Mark Brzezinski will be the US ambassador to Poland, announced the White House on Wednesday. Zbigniew Brzeziński's son previously was, among others, an ambassador to Sweden.

The last US ambassador to Poland was Georgette Mosbacher. She took up the position in August 2018 by the nomination of President Donald Trump. Mosbacher completed her mission in January 2021. Until the arrival of the new US ambassador to Poland, Bix Aliu will represent the interests of the United States as chargés d'affaires ad interim.

The New York Times daily reported that the son of a Polish-American political scientist was a candidate for the US ambassador to Poland in May. But, as determined by the Onet portal, the candidacy was blocked by the Polish government.

The Polish government referred to the regulations in force in Poland, according to which Mark Brzezinski was a Polish citizen, and this excluded taking the position of a foreign diplomat in Poland. So it demanded Brzezinski renounce Polish citizenship. The interested party, however, claimed that he could not do it because he had never had one. His superiors, on the other hand, were to consider the actions of the Polish government as an attempt to humiliate the candidate for the ambassador.

Last week, the voivode of Mazovia, Konstanty Radziwiłł, issued a decision according to which Zbigniew Brzeziński's son is not a Polish citizen, and the future ambassador undertook in a special statement that he would not appeal against this decision.


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