17:22 28 July 2020
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No Poland’s representatives in Top 100 Most Influential Economists ranking

No Poland’s representatives in Top 100 Most Influential Economists ranking
Source: Commonwealth Club (photo by Ed Ritger)

Leading publisher of contributions from pre-eminent academics Richtopia has compiled a list consisting of the top 100 economists. Paul Krugman was at the top, but the person who was next to him in the ranking may be a bit surprising. Yanis Varoufakis, professor of economics at the University of Athens and controversial former finance minister of Greece came second in the Richtopia rankings, followed by two Spaniards and an Irishman, Juan Ramón Rallo, Daniel Lacalle and David McWilliams.

The name of the famous Joseph E. Stiglitz appears only in 6th place. There were 22 ladies on the list of 100, and the first woman on the list was Stephanie Kelton, who was only in 12th place.

The Richtopia economists list gets compiled using several metrics combined to produce a final rank. Some leading indicators on an individuals ranking are their social media followers, engagement, overall news coverage, monthly name searches on Google, LinkedIn followers, and online presence, to name a few.

Richtopia’s’ list gets updated annually and is based uniquely on digital influence, not on net-worth, favoritism, or some other indicator. There are thousands of credible economists who did not make this list because to qualify; economists must have a consistent social media presence.

(300gospodarka, Richtopia)

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