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21:19 12 February 2020
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Only PLN 3 bn of property from crime recovered in 2014-2018

Only PLN 3 bn of property from crime recovered in 2014-2018
Source: Pxfuel

There is no coherent, comprehensive system of disclosing and securing the property from the crime that would ensure the efficient recovery of this property in Poland. In 2014-2018, PLN 3 billion was recovered, while the illegal profits of criminals in this period were estimated at PLN 200 to over 500 billion, according to the findings of the Supreme Audit Office (NIK).

NIK points out that the activities of services and institutions are dispersed, and there is no uniform system for recording the recovery of property from crime.

The security ratio in Poland differed from that of other European countries. According to Europol's research, approximately 2.2 percent of assets from crime were temporarily seized or frozen in EU countries in 2010-2014, and 1.1 percent of these assets were eventually confiscated (in Poland in 2014 -2018, the value of the secured property was about 0.8 percent of estimated crime profits).


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