21:24 11 February 2020
Post by: WBJ

Overdue trade debts exceed PLN 7.4 bn

Overdue trade debts exceed PLN 7.4 bn
source: Pixabay

Over 7.4 billion PLN is the past-due debt of the trade sector towards contractors and banks. It concerns over 74,000 companies, results from the Register of Debtors BIG InfoMonitor. A record debt, reaching PLN 181 million, has a company from the Śląskie Voivodeship.

“5.7 percent of companies have overdue liabilities in the entire sector and in this respect, trade is not particularly bad, because in the whole economy the share of unreliable payers is 6.2 percent. For comparison, in the transport sector it is within 9 percent,” the report states.


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