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0:37 14 September 2021
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PiS remains leader, but Poles do not want Jarosław Kaczyński in government: polls

PiS remains leader, but Poles do not want Jarosław Kaczyński in government: polls
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Law and Justice (PiS) still remains at the top of the party rankings, but Poles do not want the president of the ruling party, Jarosław Kaczyński, to remain in the government, according to recently published polls.

When asked by the Kantar poll, who would vote for in the upcoming elections, as much as 30 percent of respondents replied that the United Right. This is 1 percentage point more than in the July survey. The United Right is now made up of PiS and Adam Bielan's Republicans. Meanwhile, support for Jarosław Gowin, who until recently belonged to the ruling party of the Covenant, was declared by zero percent of respondents.

The latest poll prepared for TVN and TVN24 also shows that KO would choose 24 percent of voters, which is the result unchanged from the previous poll. For the 'Poland by 2050 Szymon Hołownia', 14 percent of respondents would vote, which means an increase by 1 percentage point, and support for the Left fell by 2 points, to 5 percent. On the other hand, an increase by one point and 8 percent of support was recorded this time by the Confederation.

Meanwhile, the PSL is still below the electoral threshold – only 3 percent of respondents would vote for the MPs from this party which is the same result as in the previous study. The Kukiz'15 party would also be outside the Sejm with 1 percent of support (also with no changes).

On the other hand, by 2 percentage points more respondents than in July (15 percent) answered that they did not know, it was difficult for them to say or refused to answer.

To the question asked as part of the SW Research survey for Rzeczpospolita: "Do you think PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński should cease to act as deputy prime minister?" as much as 57.3 percent of respondents answered positively, while "no" was chosen by 21.7 percent.

7 percent of the respondents did not know at all that the PiS president is the deputy prime minister.


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