Havas Media Group research team responded to questions about how the epidemic had an impact on consumer attitudes in four successive waves of the Koronabus study.

The vast majority of Poles are concerned about the situation related to the coronavirus epidemic, and above all their own and their loved ones' health. However, the gradual defrosting of the economy and social life causes a decrease in concern, particularly pronounced more than two months after the introduction of the first restrictions. Our mental state and quality of life are starting to return to the norm felt before the pandemic. Until the end of April, anxiety and fatigue dominated among us, however, an ever smaller group of respondents pointed to these emotions as often felt.

"The pandemic found Poles in a sense of security, which they considered guaranteed due to many years of economic stabilization and even the crisis of 2008 was kind to Poland. The arrival of a pandemic, unknown in the effects of the plague, caused an explosion of fear and a sense of lack of control over the situation. Research shows that we are slowly getting used to the epidemic in our country, but the fear of our own health, efficiency of the health service and the economic situation of the country remains at us at a level that at least three generations do not remember. Anxiety caused a change of priorities and needs – physiological needs were the first, especially in the first period of restrictions, in the form of securing completely basic livelihoods. The search for a sense of security also increased enormously, which is observed especially in the rapid search for information about the threat and progress of the epidemic. This is an interesting phenomenon in the context of the press crisis before the pandemic, which her time he feels revival, "commented Alicja Cybulska, Chief Strategy Officer Havas Media Group.


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