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12:35 16 January 2022
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Poles massively limit the planning of larger expenses for this year

Poles massively limit the planning of larger expenses for this year
Karolina Łuczak, source: Newseria

The pandemic, inflation, and economic turmoil translate into a high level of uncertainty, which means that Poles do not plan significant expenses for this year and are going wild – this is the conclusion of the Provident Barometer. The results show that only every third Pole has planned greater expenses for the coming months, while as much as 70 percent before the pandemic used to plan budgets. The most important items in the budgets for 2022 turn out to be daily living expenses and medical expenses. Only one in four respondents thought about a trip away from the pandemic, which half of Poles had planned in December before the pandemic.

"As part of the Provident Barometer survey, we asked Poles a question about their New Year's plans and what expenses they plan to incur in the coming year. It turns out that only about 30 percent of respondents planned specific, large expenses this year," Karolina Łuczak, spokeswoman Provident Polska's press release, said.

The cyclical study by Provident shows that the Covid-19 pandemic and the turmoil associated with it had a large impact on the financial decisions of Poles, which are currently characterized by high uncertainty. While earlier nearly 70 percent planned more expenditure for the next year, now only 37.2 percent of those polled in advance made the assumptions of the budget for the next 12 months.


karolina łuczak

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