7:50 25 July 2021
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Swiss ambassador about restrictions within his country, welcoming tourists and Q3 2021 growth

Jürg Burri, the Swiss ambassador, told the WBJ about restrictions within his country, welcoming tourists and Q3 2021 growth

Swiss ambassador about restrictions within his country, welcoming tourists and Q3 2021 growth
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The pandemic has subsided in many parts of the world. However, considering the variants, among others, Alpha (first reported in the UK) and Delta (India), and their mutations, the threat still remains at large. How severe are the restrictions within your country?

Life has picked up. Thankfully! Switzerland chose its own path through the pandemic. The restrictions — even if severe sometimes — mostly remained below the level of other European countries. The population showed very high compliance with those restrictions. This was again proof of the Swiss people's confidence in their government. However, Switzerland has suffered a severe loss in this pandemic: many elderly people have died and younger generations were not spared either. We mourn this loss. With the easing of restrictions and the fast pace of the vaccination campaign, we are now again optimistic about the future.

The summer of 2020 was the first Covid summer across the world. At the time, some nations and regions eased travel restrictions. One year on, how open is your country to tourists from Poland and beyond? Do travelers require vaccine passports?

Since May 31, fully-vaccinated people who received their last dose not more than six months ago and persons who have contracted Covid-19 (now cured) and whose isolation ended less than six months ago, can enter Switzerland freely. Others have to present a negative PCR test taken no longer than 72 hours before entry and fill in the registration form when traveling by plane. If traveling by train or bus, only the registration form is required but no PCR test. Switzerland remains a prime destination for safe and #swisstainable tourism. If you are thinking #IneedSwitzerland: Welcome to our beautiful country!

Many regions are experiencing unprecedented growth spurts as their economies reopen while some others are poised for a post-pandemic boom. What is the growth forecast for your country for Q3 2021? What are the key industries with the most favorable outlook?

Our economy is expected to bounce back quickly after a comparatively mild contraction due to the pandemic. All industries are forecast to grow robustly this year, except the hospitality and leisure sectors. In Q1 2021, manufacturing grew 4.9% faster than in the previous quarter. Overall, our GDP is expected to grow by 3.2–3.5% in 2021. Every crisis is also an opportunity: I am confident that the Swiss economy is now more digitalized, more dynamic, and lean than it was before the crisis. We will surely remain at the top of the world's most innovative countries.

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