23:19 23 February 2021
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Value of whiskey exports to Poland up by 10.07% in 2020

Value of whiskey exports to Poland up by 10.07% in 2020
Source: Photo by Sebastian Andersson on Unsplash

Whiskey exports to Poland increased by 14.62 percent (quantitative) and 10.07 percent (value), respectively, in 2020, according to data presented by Whiskey Live Warsaw.

Single malt whiskey exports to Poland increased by 38.8 percent in terms of quantity, while the dynamics in terms of the value of the imported beverage was 31.65 percent. Forecasts say that the value of the luxury whiskey segment in our country will triple in the next 5-6 years.

Blended whiskey recorded slightly smaller increases - in terms of quantity, exports increased their scale (y / y) by 15.1 percent, while in terms of value by 9.23 percent.

"It turns out that last year consumers eagerly reached for more expensive drinks, which reflects the surge in exports of Scottish alcoholic beverages to Poland. This does not mean that all distributors went through the crisis with a dry foot – the group of victims were mainly those whose activities were based on in the HoReCa segment," Jarosław Buss, the owner of the distribution company Tudor House and the Ballantines chain, said.

The phenomenon of the alcoholic bear market is confirmed by the data of the SWA (Scotch Whiskey Association) trade organization. Despite the fact that in the era of the pandemic many distilleries were forced to suspend or limit their activities or even switch to the production of disinfectants (according to SWA 87 percent of Scottish distilleries), the export of these spirits to Poland broke new records.


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