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20:40 7 September 2020
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As many as 70% of school principals want to change core curriculum

As many as 70% of school principals want to change core curriculum
Urszula Borzym, source: Newseria

Possible increase in cases of disease among students and teachers, adaptation to the imposed guidelines of the Ministry of National Education and taking care of the social function of the school – these are the biggest concerns of school principals today.

“Whether Poland is ready for the new school year will only become clear when there are children in the schools. Among the directors we asked, as many as 80 percent of them were in favor of returning to schools on September 1. It is optimistic, but these directors face huge challenges,” Urszula Borzym from the Humanites Institute said.

The school's management will be responsible for children's health. According to the information from the Ministry of National Education of August 25, the basic model of education from September 1 this year is full-time education in schools. However, if an emergency occurs, a mixed model or even distant learning are also possible. 

Almost 70 percent of school principals and teachers surveyed underline the need to change the curriculum being implemented. As experts point out, the attempt to transfer traditional teaching directly to the Internet ended in a fiasco. Therefore, not only greater autonomy of school principals is needed, but also a change in work methodology and greater involvement of both teachers and students.

"Recent months have shown that the entire material provided for in the core curriculum is very difficult or even impossible to implement. This suggests a simple reflection that the core curriculum should be changed. It must become more flexible and better adapted to the students' abilities, especially in the case of hybrid learning,” Urszula Borzym added.


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