21:03 17 January 2021
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Could 2021 be best year yet?

Could 2021  be best year yet?

AS 2020 DRAWS TO A CLOSE, it’s difficult not to be positive while thinking about what lies ahead. How much worse can it possibly get? Therefore, instead of pondering over the past, I have projected myself into the future, commenting on 2021. Here are my thoughts on how the year will pan out for life and business in Poland.

• It has been a fantastic year: Poland’s GDP has soared by 5 percent, driven by domestic demands and successful export – from the food and subcontracting industries to the trendy sectors of e-car production in Europe and MedTech that is driving a revolution of improvements in people’s lives.

• It has been nice to discover that people’s protests weren’t required to save democracy, freedom of speech and people’s rights. And Poland is still the open-minded society it has been for over 30 years and is still considered progressive both at home and beyond.

• Unemployment is down again to the numbers before the Covid-19 disruption. The level of unemployment is, so to speak, nearly zero, and Poland needs a lot of support workers from abroad to keep the positive business momentum in real estate, technology development and service jobs.

• What a relief that Poland managed to avert the threat of losing EU funds over rule of law breaches and is able to support the EU as a net receiver while developing further and quickly catching up with western and Scandinavian standards. Also, it wasn’t only a question about the money, but also the image of Poland in the eyes of the world – especially the EU – and tearing off the “fascist” label while simultaneously marching toward a more positive view of a country that wants to develop, learn and set the future standards of better living in Europe. That’s what the young generations of Poles want – freedom and opportunities besides the respect that comes with hard work.

Having traveled back home to Denmark to visit my parents, other family members and friends, having visited friends in the UK and Italy, and having holidayed in Asia, I appreciate that life has come back to “normal” and the terrible Covid-19-fueled days of 2020 are fortunately long gone and we’re all celebrating the great leap forward the year has brought.

Along with my predictions and hopes above, I wish you all a wonderful year ahead! I look forward to meeting you, hearing from you and learning about your successes. And as you kickstart 2021, do enjoy our fact-packed magazine, full of exciting interviews, stories and materials illustrating why next year will be so great.

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