15:59 22 June 2022
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Current waste management system inefficient and incompatible with EU law

Current waste management system inefficient and incompatible with EU law
Anna Sapota, source: Newseria

Poland must bring its current, ineffective extended producer responsibility (ROP) system into line with EU requirements within the next few months. Like other EU member states, it is obliged to do so by the so-called waste package adopted in 2018. The Ministry of Climate and Environment is still working on legislation in this regard. 

"The legal framework for the extended producer responsibility system for packaging is essential, as it will determine its effectiveness," Anna Sapota, vice president of public affairs for Northeast Europe at TOMRA Group, explained.

According to her, the Extended Producer Responsibility regulations will be fundamental, as the current system is inefficient and inconsistent with EU directives.

"What could change will be additional funding and solutions that can make the packaging waste collection system more efficient, that we can develop recycling of this waste and better design of the packaging. There will be eco-design, so we will have better products that are more conducive to recycling," Sapota added.

In 2018, the EU adopted the so-called waste package, an amendment to six directives crucial to the waste management market. It is intended to bring member states closer to implementing a closed-loop economy (GOZ). One of this package's most critical elements is the system of extended producer responsibility (ROP). 


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