19:49 29 September 2020
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Get attention: two fastest growing effective solutions

Get attention: two fastest growing effective solutions

We live in an “attention economy”: a term adopted by business strategists such as Thomas H. Davenport or Michael H. Goldhaber. And an average person in the western world is exposed daily to 4,000-5,000 advertising messages a day.

No wonder it’s difficult for businesses to clear the clutter and grab the attention a brand seeks.


Let’s begin by defining content. Content is messages of communication that are produced to reach a defined target audience. Content is nothing new. People have been telling stories by word of mouth for hundreds of years, sometimes by engraving or painting stones. Media and entertainment houses have been producing content to read, listen to, watch and consume among others. 

Good content:

• informs

• inspires

• entertains

• helps or supports

• develops or educates

Today, as mobile phone companies include superb cameras, microphones and production tool apps in their devices as standard, it has never been easier and “cheaper” to produce content. But not all content is relevant, inspiring or quality. And this is where the important question mark is and where smart brands or businesses have a chance to make a difference and get the attention of their “potential clients.” I am not talking about making content for all but focusing on die-hard fans that really are interested in the brand and also on new prospective users for whom the relationship with the brand can be built through regular and consistent delivery of insight, information and news that is interesting for them, just like media channels have been doing for decades. In B2B marketing, for example, lead generation is a critical tactic that, executed with the help of proper content, can create interactions of attention and trust and build long-term relationships.


Influencer marketing is another crucial and still developing tool marketers have been experimenting with and adapting to the mix of marketing tools. Influencer marketing is many things and has different purposes. Let’s look at the good old word of mouth: the most effective way of marketing. Influencers have followers whom they influence. So if the brands can rely on access to follower bases and if stories about the brands are told authentically by influencers to their tribes, then there are chances for brands to effectively reach groups of audiences where advertising and content overload may no longer reach. Influencer marketing is also storytelling and “kind of product approval.” So when the audience follows a person and sees them in a video recommending and showing how a product or service can make a difference to their lives, it’s much easier to believe, than if a brand blew its own trumpet and directly promoted its products. However, influencers are often working by themselves. They are often not a politically-correct bunch with structure, policies or proper agreements. Just keep that in mind when you enter into business with them.

These are the two fast-developing lines in the marketing budgets because without a strong content strategy it would be difficult to implement influencer marketing with desired effects.

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