18:32 29 June 2018
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Is your marketing mix future-proof vol.2 ?

In a constantly changing world, the riskiest thing to do is to do nothing. You are facing many challenges and you need to evolve and prepare to change. And change needs leadership to happen. A decade ago, in order to be heard or seen, companies/brands/entrepreneurs would hook up with the media to be quoted or be a columnist to be seen as an expert in a field. This form of communication is obviously still valuable, but the truth is that things have changed and we are required to take additional steps to succeed.

Is your marketing mix future-proof vol.2 ?

Traditional media will empower you, but in a world of digital disruption with new and emerging channels and worldwide opportunities at your customers’ fingertips, your audience constantly redefines your brand just as much as you do, so you must have a plan for how you will interact with them. Are you interesting enough to talk to? Do you have a proper website and social media channels? Is your message clear and relevant? That is what your clients want to know. If you want your business to develop and strengthen in the coming years, then content marketing is the answer. Content marketing has existed forever (there are examples of highly successful magazines published by companies and brands back in the late 19th century) but it is only during the last decade that it’s gotten its own name and has been developed into a discipline and part of the marketing mix. Why should you make content marketing an important element in your future plans? • It gives you an opportunity to build strong ties with your clients and potential customers by establishing regular contact with them. • You will have an opportunity to differentiate your company by delivering valuable and relevant information. • You can develop a dialogue with your customers, who will give you insight into why they buy from/work with you. • Professional content marketing is not a stand-alone activity but part of a whole marketing program and therefore it not only helps you improve your overall marketing efforts, it also functions as the hub of the marketing ecosystem, where your relationship with clients can be nurtured.

BUILDING TRUST A good business relationship is built on trust. The more trust there is between you and your clients, the more open they will be to purchasing your products and services. Building trust takes time and effort. How do you create a trustworthy image with your business partners? Your content marketing strategy is an ideal tool that can secure potential customers with valuable content in the form of: • Education • Information • Inspiration • Insights • Tests • Reviews • Opinions Add to that relevant, curated and selected works from other great companies. Inspiring, educating and sharing rather than selling shows your clients that you care about them. That builds trust. I have been involved in a number of very successful implementations of content marketing tools in the strategies of both international and local brands in the Polish market. The appetite is clearly growing, as customers are becoming more aware and have higher expectations in terms of the brands they choose and the added value they create. I look forward to many more exciting and enriching projects over the coming years. - Morten Lindholm

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