'This time made me realize that some things are unnecessary': actress

Aleksandra Kisio, source: Newseria

The famous actress Aleksandra Kisio admits that the pandemic and the related restrictions have changed a lot in her life. Fear of the unknown, fear for the future and the sheer volume of household duties made her tormented by conflicting emotions. One day she downplayed the threat, and another time she felt totally embarrassed by the situation. She also does not hide that she decided to give up many of her previous rituals and habits, because she decided that they were not necessary for her life. Aleksandra Kisio tries to function normally, although she is aware that it takes time for everything to return to normal.

“I went through very different stages of this lockdown: both my terror and giving up. From the moment when I ignored the virus a little, I did not let it think about it and thought to myself: ‘no, nothing is happening’, to total embarrassment, not leaving the house, and finally there was a slow relaxation, because we have to live with it,” Aleksandra Kisio said.

She recalled that this exceptional time made her reflect and reconsider. She realized how much can change in a split second and how little depends on us.

“I think that the pandemic made everyone aware of what is really important in our lives. Of course, it was a very difficult time, without work, with a house full of children to be educated and looked after. Apart from that, you also had to take care of the house, cooking and outstanding work that remained somewhere there. It was a lot and it was quite a difficult period, but it certainly allowed us to spend a little more time with his family and loved ones,” the actress admitted.

In her opinion, being locked up within four walls and facing a completely new reality made it possible to look at many things differently. She herself has found out that some habits and bad habits can be rejected. The result is a way of life change.


aleksandra kisio

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