'We flatter tastes, not create them': an actor

Przemysław Sadowski, source: Newseria

Przemysław Sadowski, an actor, believes that filmmakers should not take the easy way and make such productions that, admittedly, will quickly gain popularity and earn for themselves, but do not carry any content or any message. Unambitious projects are good only for a while and can be viewed at once. Then everyone quickly forgets about them. According to Przemysław Sadowski, contrary to trends and despite pretenders, it is worth making good Polish cinema and allowing the actors to present their entire range of skills.

In the latest film by Tomasz Mandes, Przemysław Sadowski plays the role of Boris, a recognized actor who could not cope with fame and is more often referred to today in the context of celebrity antics than good roles. He emphasizes that he hates paparazzi and the culture of cheap sensation they represent. He argues that "The End" in a way reflects what is happening in Polish show business, but it must be taken into account that it is primarily an artistic vision of the creators of the production.

"In principle, we drew ideas from what each of us in show business has already experienced for many years, but I must admit that this is not a documentary. We are actually trying to tear off some masks that accompany all of us, but the film is a work of art and art is the processing of reality, so it is not quite such a mirror, and if it is a mirror, then it is a curved mirror," Przemysław Sadowski said.

An actor is rarely seen on the red carpet, and if he does appear, it is usually related to the promotion of the project in which he participates. He is not interested in the other events, because he doesn't want to sign on to bills that have no value in them. And, in his opinion, there is no shortage of such in the Polish film and entertainment industry.

"The problem is that often the packaging is more important than the contents, so we buy, sorry for the profanity, shit wrapped in gilding and it turns out that nothing is interesting inside, but because it's gilded on the outside, so it sells. And unfortunately, because at the moment everything in our industry depends on sales and viewership, we often flatter the tastes rather than create them," Przemysław Sadowski added.


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