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More countries joining European toll system

More countries joining European toll system
Mariusz Derdziak, source: Newseria

The pan-European EETS toll system is becoming a reality. Instead of several domestic charging devices, drivers of transport vehicles can use one, which greatly facilitates the payment of fees, but also their settlement with transport companies. After entering the territory of a given country, the device adjusts to the local system and charges the appropriate rates. One of such devices is DKV Box Europe, which is adapted to systems in several European countries, soon also in Poland.

“Until recently, every country with an electronic toll calculation system obliged carriers to install dedicated devices in heavy transport vehicles. This, of course, significantly limited the field of view of the drivers, because there were even ten of these devices on one window. The European Union, by issuing special directives, ordered the member states to adopt one common device that solved these problems,” Mariusz Derdziak, sales manager at DKV Euro Service, recalled.

The pan-European EETS toll system unifies the e-toll collection systems in all European Union member states. Differences in regulations, system technologies or tax rates between countries hampered the work of international carriers. Additionally, it involved the costly installation of on-board equipment appropriate for each system. Hence, the work on introducing one device that can be used to pay in all countries where the EETS system has been implemented.

One of the precursors to the acceptance of EETS devices was the consortium of DKV, Daimler and T-Systems, which created the DKV Box Europe device. It is now operating in Belgium, Germany, Austria, France, Portugal and Spain. More countries will follow soon, including Hungary, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Poland. DKV experts emphasize that this is a great organizational challenge, as it requires an agreement between the operators and owners of individual systems – both state and private motorway owners are concerned.


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