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23:40 9 February 2022
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Polish short film will compete for the Oscar

Polish short film will compete for the Oscar
Source: WSF

Tadeusz Łysiak's The Dress was among the five nominees in the Best Short Film category. The protagonist of the movie is a short-grown Julia (Anna Dzieduszycka), working as a maid in a roadside hotel where mainly truckers and stray tourists stay. Julia is a go-getting and cheerful young woman. However, she is lonely.

"We have a normal life and the same needs as everyone else. It was not supposed to be a film about dwarfism or disability, but about everyday life – the need for security, acceptance, and being a woman," Anna Dzieduszycka, who played Julia, said.

The Dress has visited festivals all over the world. In 2019, Anna Dzieduszycka received the award for Best Actress in Rhode Island, the international festival of short films.

So far, Polish film has been nominated in this category only once – Sławomir Fabicki's Man's Affair in 2002 lost to Ray McKinnon's The Accountant.


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