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19:30 28 June 2020
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President of BitBay announces fight for compensation

President of BitBay announces fight for compensation
Source: BitBay

TVN's "Supervisor" reporters prepared a report about the backstage of BitBay, the Polish cryptocurrency exchange. They claim that they were initially offered PLN 100,000, and then PLN 1 million in exchange for resigning from preparing the report and destroying the materials. Journalists point out that the capital for BitBay could have come from VAT scams not recovered by the prosecution. President and co-founder of BitBay Sylwester Suszek referred to the matter.

He accuses the TVN reporter of persuading the man to play a role in order to destroy the reputation of the stock exchange and himself
He intends to demand compensation from the authors of the report.

Suszek believes that in recent months the BitBay exchange has become "the victim of an unlawful provocation aimed at weakening its image." He claims that TVN Supervisor collected false material. He also accuses the author of the report that he used a person he knew, and he also staged "giving a financial benefit by a person allegedly associated with the BitBay exchange".

In the material entitled "The Polish King of Bitcoins and its connections" TVN reporters reveal that among the main shareholders and partners of the BitBay stock exchange are people with a criminal past and sentences.

"I haven't seen such badly prepared material for a long time. It's one big absurdity," Sylwester Suszek commented.

He added that the BitBay will demand very much redress from the authors of the report and the television station. All the redress obtained will be allocated to support the activities of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

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