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18:15 12 July 2020
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2nd round voting safe in epidemiological terms

2nd round voting safe in epidemiological terms
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Voting in the second round of presidential elections is safe in epidemiological terms. Election commissions have protective equipment, and in addition we have introduced priority entry to polling stations for the elderly, people with small children, disabilities and pregnant women, health minister Łukasz Szumowski said.

The second round of presidential elections will take place this Sunday. The current president Andrzej Duda and KO candidate Rafał Trzaskowski apply for the office of president. In the first round they received respectively: 43.5 percent and 30.46% votes.

Minister Szumowski said that the elections are safe in terms of epidemiology, and participation in them is less risky than going to a store where many people forget to wear masks and keep their distance.

"I encourage you to go to the elections with full awareness of what I said earlier that traditional elections are difficult to carry out in an epidemic. However, no one, no expert, predicted the course of the epidemic, that we would have so little active virus. As they show screening of people who go to sanatoriums the percentage of infections in this group is below 1.7 per mil. These are negligible numbers. I can say, looking at the course of the first round of elections and the epidemiological situation, that going to the store or traveling by bus, where people already they forgot to wear masks, it is more risky today," he said.

However, the Government Security Center (RCB) alert caused some controversy. Usually RCB alerts warn Poles about violent phenomena such as downpours, storms and thunderstorms. They also warn against possible flooding and rising water levels in rivers.

An alert regarding the presidential election was sent on Saturday. "Second round of presidential election on Sunday 12. People 60+, pregnant women and people with disabilities will be able to vote in electoral committees without queues," RCB said.


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