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19:30 7 November 2019
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AIs to take over customer service – SAS

AIs to take over customer service – SAS
source: Pixabay

According to the latest study ‘Experience in 2030: The future of building customer experience’" developed by Futurum Research, commissioned by SAS, by 2030, 67% of customer service activities will take place via intelligent machines. By 2030, intelligent machines will also be responsible for 69% of decisions taken during customer interaction.

“It is obvious that in the coming decade there will be a rapid expansion of the relationship between people and machines,” Daniel Newman, Principal Analyst, one of the founders of Futurum Research, said. He added, that companies will have to maintain a balance between providing experiences similar to human interactions while achieving immediate results expected by customers. The study showed that technology will be the main driving force behind creating new positive customer experience (CX). Companies need to change the way they think about the consumer ecosystem to keep pace with both today's customers accustomed to the high level of service and ever-changing consumer technologies. 


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